Sean Combs’ bad day on Biggie’s 52nd birthday thanks to Misa Hylton and Crystal McKinney, May 21, 2024

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This news broke on May 21, 2024, what would have been the 52nd birthday of Notorious BIG.

Notice, it had to do with the 1998 MTV Model Mission winner.

May 21, or 5/21, is like 521, the 98th prime number.

Also, the woman’s name, Crystal McKinney, has some standout gematria.
Crystal McKinney=87, Puff Daddy=87 (the Pope is 87)
Crystal McKinney=192 (Skull and Bones is 192)
Crystal McKinney=66, Family=66 (Puff Daddy “and the Family”)
Crystal McKinney=213 *Racism=213

The Misa Hylton story also broke on this day.

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