Sean Hannity rumors swirl, May 17, 2023, before sixth anniversary of Roger Ailes death

Celebrity News

This “news,” or these rumors, come 138 days after Sean Hannity’s 61st birthday.
Federal = 138 (Fox News is Republican TV)
Donald Trump = 138 (Hannity does more Trump interviews than anyone)
News = 61 (Hannity is 61 at the time of this rumor)

Read about the very 138 death of Roger Ailes, Fox News founder, May 18, 2017.

Today is also Sean Hannity’s 139th day of his age.
Freemasonry = 139 & 58
-Trump, winner of 58th US Pres. Election
Trump announced he was running from 58 story Trump Tower

And as is the case on many days, Donald Trump is front and center in the news tonight, May 17.

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