District Attorney says deputies were justified in fatally shooting Andrew Brown Jr., May 18, 2021, 27 days after killing, on ‘kill’ date

Black Lives Matter Jesuit News Police State Politics Racism

Recall, the Andrew Brown Jr. shooting happened in Elizabeth County on Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, April 21, 2021, and now 27 days later this ritualistic headline takes place. Notice how ‘Brown’ connects. And notice how ‘racism’, ‘ritual’ and ‘Brown’ connects. This news comes May 18, 2021, the date with 44 / 64 numerology.–Kill = 28 /…

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Andrew Brown Jr. to be buried, May 3, 2021, with George Floyd’s & Eric Garner’s family in attendance

Black Lives Matter News Police State Racism Royal Family

Read my prior decodes on the Andrew Brown Jr. killing on Queen Elizabeth’s 95th birthday, April 21, 2021, in Elizabeth City. Today is 12 days later. Andrew Brown Jr. = 78 (12th triangular number) Notice, Andrew Brown Jr. was reportedly 42 years old, a recurring number in racially divisive psychological operations. https://www.cnn.com/us/live-news/andrew-brown-jr-funeral-05-03-2021/h_eac37f86ed90d8b1f9f4357f1e93686a And if you…

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Andrew Brown Jr. police shooting video to be shown for first time, April 26, 2021

Black Lives Matter News Police State Politics Racism Shooting

This news comes April 26, 11 months after the release of the George Floyd killing video, May 26, 2020. Video = 26Riot = 26Chaos = 26*Floyd = 26*Crump = 26*Queen = 26 (This shooting happened on Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, in Elizabeth City) The two dates have the same numerology. 5/26/2020 = 5+26+20+20 = 714/26/2021 =…

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Family of Andrew Brown Jr. waiting for bodycam footage of shooting, April 24, 2021 news

Black Lives Matter News Police State Racism Royal Family Shooting

Andrew Brown Jr. is the victim of the April 21, 2021 shooting, in Elizabeth City, on Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. Notice the perfect overlap with ‘Andrew Brown’ and ‘Royal Family’ here. Read more about the Andrew Brown shooting here. And notice this story comes ‘three’ days later. Three = 20+8+18+5+5 = 56Black Lives Matter = 56,…

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Black man fatally shot by sheriff’s deputy in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, on Queen Elizabeth’s 95th birthday.

Black Lives Matter News Racism Royal Family Shooting

This news, from Elizabeth City, comes on April 21, 2021, Queen Elizabeth’s 95th birthday. Read about the ritual in the U.K. at the site of the London Bridge on her birthday. It’s another shooting on a Wednesday. Shooting = 37 / 44, Wednesday = 37 / 44 And notice the time of the incident, 8:30.…

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#Gematria | Where Bill Gates marriage to Melinda & Buddhism meets Kurt Cobain’s April 5, 2021 death, 94-days later

Catholic Church Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit Murder by Numbers

Where does this? Meet this? To answer the question, let us begin with Bill and Melinda, the cutest fucking couple there ever was. The story goes they met in ’87, and ended up divorcing 87 days before Bill Gates birthday. –Bill Gates = 87 (Gematria, A=1,B=2,C=3 up to Z=26)-See when he got his vaccine January…

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