Elon Musk takes photo with Pope Francis, June 30, 2022, two days after turning 51-years-old

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Two days after turning 51-years-old, Elon Musk is with Pope Francis in Rome.Rome = 51Conspiracy = 51 Keep in mind, when you turn 51, you begin your 52nd year of life.Pope = 52 As for the day they met, June 30, it was the 181st day of the year.It was also a date with 42…

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Elon Musk’s son wants to be identified by new transgender identity, Vivian Jenna Wilson, June 20, 2022

Big Tech Celebrity News Psychological Operation Transgender / LGBTQ

I spy another 78 ritual for Elon Musk. First, recall when he was declared the richest man in the world on the 78-year anniversary of the death of Nikola Tesla.Tesla = 78Jesuit = 78 In this case, his son wants to be called his new girl name because he is transgender, and that name is…

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Elon Musk threatens to walk away from Twitter deal, June 6, 2022, a span of 43-days from the agreed to purchase on April 25

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https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/06/tech/elon-musk-twitter-spam/index.html Recall, Elon Musk’s Twitter deal happened April 25, 2022, 43-weeks after his birthday. Now, a span of 43-days later, June 6, 2022, he is threatening to back out of the deal.Elon Musk = 43 Again, this man is nothing but a puppet. Read more about Elon Musk by the numbers here.

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Elon Musk says his deal to buy Twitter is on hold, Friday, May 13, 2022

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This news comes Friday, May 13, 2022, as the market has its most booming day in some time. And today is 46-days before Musk’s upcoming June 28, 2022 birthday.Elon = 46Chaos = 46Ordo Ab Chao = 46 *You could also say it is a span of 47-days to his upcoming birthday.Twitter = 47 Monday will…

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Elon Musks tweet about possibly dying under mysterious circumstances, Sunday, May 8, 2022, 51-days before his 51st birthday

Big Tech Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit Military News Predictive Programming Secret Societies War World War

Musk made this tweet 51-days before his 51st birthday.Conspiracy = 51 Also noteworthy, the Gematria of his text equates to 321, like a countdown. And keep in mind this tweet came three days after the release of The Pentaverate, a Mike Myers comedy series on Netflix, about a secret organization that has people fake their…

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Elon Musk wants to authenticate all real humans on Twitter going forward, April 28, 2022 news

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*authenticate all real humans = 93 / 150*Order of Illuminati = 93*Illuminati = 150 No doubt this is a step that all social media platforms will be doing going forward (and really they have already been doing) for the purposes of the coming social credit score systems. https://www.cnn.com/2022/04/28/tech/elon-musk-authenticate-all-real-humans/index.html

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Elon Musk sells 5.6% of his Tesla shares to raise funders for Twitter acquisition, April 29, 2022 news

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This news comes on the 119th day of the year, April 29.Nikola Tesla = 119All Seeing Eye = 119 / 56 And notice the report is Musk sold 5.6% of his Tesla shares to raise funds for his Twitter purchase.Society of Jesus = 56 The $8.5 billion also screams Jesuit.Iesus Hominum Salvator = 85 And…

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