Seattle’s Capitol Hill becomes ‘Autonomous Zone’, June 11, days after police evacuate precinct, June 8, 2020

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This news comes November 6, 2020, a date with 37 numerology, and written 11/6, like 116.

11/6/20 = 11+6+20 = 37

This is part of the agenda to divide the country.  To give people stories to take sides on.

On this same day, the Dow fell 1861 points, the year of the U.S. Civil War’s start:

Notice ‘autonomous zone’ sums to 61, like 1861, the year of the Civil War.

Keep in mind, yesterday, NASCAR banned the Confederate Flag.

It is interesting to note Capitoll Hill, where this is happening, is next to Seattle University, one of the nations limited Jesuit Universities. Of course, it is also Seattle, where big tech is, and where the first case of coronavirus was confirmed.

Notice Capitol Hill = Jesuit Order, summing to 54.

Don’t forget, John Carroll, at age 54, established Georgetown, the first Jesuit school in the nation.

Don’t forget Anthony Fauci, the Jesuit, called the pandemic, at Georgetown, January 10, 2017.

Further, the date the police vacated, had 54 date numerology.

6/8/2020 = 6+8+20+20 = 54

The Jesuit logo is the ‘sun’.

George Floyd = 65

Seattle People = 65

Autonomous Zone = 65

Pandemic = 65

Seattle People Department = 96

Freemason = 96

Corona = 96

Notice they vacated the station on Monday, June 8, or 6/8, like 68, the Seattle number, and the year the term coronavirus was coined, as well as the year WTC construction started in New York with a Seattle firm.  1968 was also the year 9-1-1 was made the national emergency dialing code.

This news comes 142-days after the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in the U.S., in Seattle, January 21, 2020.  *Coronavirus = 142

This news comes on the 93rd day of the pandemic.  *93, time, black history, George Floyd…

Fox News gives us a 3:22 video about the autonomous zone:

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