Serena Williams exits first round of Wimbledon with ‘injury’, June 29, 2021, staying on 7 all-time wins at tournament

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Serena exits ‘Wimbledon’ with an ‘injury’, marking the latest 97 ritual with the tournament.

She is getting the same kind of treatment Tiger Woods has in golf.

This news comes 89 days before her upcoming birthday (24th prime) and she is trying to win her 24th tournamenet to tie Margaret Court. And what a name she had, right (tennis court)?

This comes on a date with 56 numerology. *6/29/21 = 6+29+21 = 56
-Black Lives Matter = 56
-Black = 11 (89, 11th Fibonacci #)

Notice how they put the emphasis on 7 time winner at Wimbledon, in the year of 7s.


  1. ses on June 29, 2021 at 5:09 pm

    Adrian Mannarino also retired today on his 33rd birthday playing against Roger Federer. Federer really struggled and looked like he will lose, then Adrian got injured.

    Adrian Mannarino = 97.

    Yesterday, both games at the UEFA Euro ended 3-3 after regular time.
    Both games had the same scheme. Lead for the underdog, then 3: 1 for the favorite, then 3-3 in the 90th +

    Today, England and Germany played their 33rd game all time.
    England = 33

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