Serena Williams speaks out on Naomi Osaka’s withdrawal from the French Open

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In the year of the elderly achieving in sports, what’s left in the tank for Serena Williams at the French Open, now that the women’s game’s new star Naomi Osaka has dropped out?

Notice the women’s finals date for the French Open, June 12, is 259 days after Serena’s birthday.
Black Lives Matter = 259

That is also 37 weeks, and 37 is the 12th prime, and the match is on the 12th of June.

Serena needs three more Grand Slam wins to reach 26 for her career, and 26 has been a HUGE number for her entire career (Keep in mind she is born on the 26th of September).

And for the record, her full name, Serena Jameka Williams, is another 201.

The Jesuit Order = 201

Speaking of which, the men’s finals is June 13, the next day, leaving 201 days in the year. And of course 201 is the number of the Jesuits, who are from Paris, France, where the French Open is held.


  1. GregRamsey74 on June 2, 2021 at 1:01 pm

    “Serena Williams speaks out on Naomi Osaka’s Withdrawal from French Open” = 911 (Reverse Ordinal)
    “Withdrawal” = 119 (English Ordinal) – This news comes a span of 137-days from Naomi’s birthday(137, the 33rd prime).

    “The French Open” = 137 (English Ordinal)
    “Thirty Three” = 156 (English Ordinal)(911, 156th prime)

    This new comes 160-days before 11/9.

    “Serena Williams” = 160 (English Ordinal)

    This news comes 101-days before 9/11(101, 26th prime);”French Open Withdrawal” = 101 (Reverse Full Reduction)
    This is also 3-months and 9-days, and Serena is currently 39; “New York” = 39 (Full Reduction)
    Today’s date is also a span of 14-weeks and 4-days from 9/11.(Jesuit Order)

    “Serena Williams speaks out on Naomi Osaka’s Withdrawal from French Open” = 709 (English Ordinal) – 709, the 127th prime, which again connects to 9/11 with the demolition of buildings 1,2, & 7. It also connects to Pearl Harbor on 12/7, and she is speaking out on the actions of a JAPANESE woman. The French Open Finals will be a span of 127-days from Naomi’s birthday.

    “Japanese Attack” = 127 (English Ordinal)
    “Serena Wins” = 127 (English Ordinal)

    “Women’s” = 26 (Full Reduction)
    “Japanese” = 26 (Full Reduction)
    “Twenty” = 26 (Full Reduction)(this year marks the twentieth anniversary of 9/11)

    9/11 is 8-months and 11-days into the year.

    “Williams” = 118 (Reverse Ordinal)
    “Osaka’s French Open Withdrawal” = 118 (Full Reduction)

    Naomi Osaka is currently 23, which matches Serena’s current number of Grand Slams, which means that Serena could win her 24th before Naomi’s 24th birthday.

  2. ceepup on June 7, 2021 at 8:32 am

    A exaggerated way to get rid of a “woman of color”! Fine her 15,000 dollars for refusing to speak to the press was the ridiculous thing ever! A white refuse to speak to press media and no fines happen! Keeping the race issues of the negative alive!!

  3. AnthonyCDavison on July 27, 2021 at 12:03 pm

    Osaka just got 42’d: Japan’s flame-lighter knocked out by World #42 on 27/7 (59th Prime) by a woman with a 59 name:

    11 weeks 4 days from her birthday too

    I go into more detail in this post

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