Sesame Place announces diversity initiatives after accusations of racial bias, August 10, 2022 news

Black Lives Matter Corporate News Psychological Operation Racism
211, 47th prime *Racist = 47 (2:11 post time)

Notice where ‘Sesame Place’ fits in with ‘racism.’
Sesame Place = 99 / 63
Racism = 99 / 63

And notice, a black family, in The City of Brotherly Love.
The City of Brotherly Love = 108
Today is 10/8 (like 108)

Diversity Initiatives = 106
Black Lives Matter = 106
Black = 106

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  1. ceepup on August 10, 2022 at 4:12 pm

    So, you have to get training in. How to get treat black people? People relations? Stupid @ Like the incident at tge Starbucks in Philadelphia of the 2 black men that didn’t buy anything and was made to leave the store when they were waiting to meet with the white guy for business!

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