Sesame Street began advocating for vaccines in 1972 (and the Ted Cruz + Elvis controversy)

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Sesame St. = 115
Measles = 115 (1972 Sesame Street focus)
-Ages 11-5
-Covid-19 children’s vaccine approved in 11AM-5PM meeting by CDC
-Vaccines ready by “end of week,” which was 11/5 (Nov. 5)
–Vote was Nov. 2, Fauci’s anniversary of becoming head of NIH in 1984 (infamous year)

Watch CNN’s story here.

You’ll notice it begins with the CNN anchor saying, “Why does Ted Cruz hate Elvis?”

Recall, Elvis got the polio vaccine on live TV on October 28, 1956, exactly 42-weeks after his January 8, 1956 birthday, on the date that was Jonas Salk’s 42nd birthday, and Bill Gate’s 1st, a man who operates out of Washington State, the 42nd state in order of statehood.

Let us not forget, Elvis would die prematurely, at age 42.
Vaccine = 42
Big Bird = 42
*Jesuit = 42
*Muhammad Ali = 42 / 201 (Part of the news clip)

The clip CNN shows of Big Bird advocating for vaccines is from ’72.
Jesuit Order = 72

Keep in mind this controversy is centered on Ted Cruz, and today’s news comes on his 322nd day of his age.

“You can’t see the P!”

Notice the 1:49 post time.

Enemy of the State, 1 hour 49 minutes into the movie, the big 322…

And don’t forget The Johns Hopkins University was founded by Daniel Coit Gilman, a Skull and Bones member. Of course Johns Hopkins is one of the biggest pushers of this agenda (and Event 201 participant).
Skull and Bones = 201

Notice his birthday is 7/6.

Recall, just days before this, George W. Bush had his Skull and Bones themed ‘bomb threats’ riddle at his old campus, Yale, the fraternity’s home. *It came on his 123rd day of his age. *He is born 7/6 too.

And is that not 123 on the top of the Sesame Street sign?

8-foot, 2-inch? This is almost as bad as Merck’s 82 pills.
Covid = 82

And for one more, the ’72 episode of Sesame Street that had the tagline, “don’t hesitate, vaccinate,” aired on February 16, 1972, of all dates. Of course, that is the 47th date of the year, and it is 2/16, similar to the product of 6x6x6=216.
*Beast = 47
Vaccination = 666
Mandatory = 666
Computer = 666
Internet = 666

Keep in mind, in ’72, it was for ‘Measles,’ something that was not too big of a deal in my mother’s generation (she was born in ’52, 20 years before this episode).

And in 2021, the “115 ritual” for the Covid-19 children’s vaccine.

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