Shad Gaspard found dead on Venice Beach, May 20, 2020

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers

Read the prior post on his May 17, 2020 disappearance:

Notice, they saved reporting his death for the 20th of May, in 2020, when 20 is the number of death. *5/20 = 5+20 = 25

This news comes on a date with 65 numerology, and is central to California, at the time of the ‘pandemic’.  Perhaps the fear generated from this story will be used as a deterrent to keep Californians off the beach.  5/20/2020 = 5+20+20+20 = 65

The date also has 45 numerology, and they say he was taken by the Rip Tide.

5/20/20 = 5+20+20 = 45

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