Shaun King calls for the removal of white Jesus statues, June 23, 2020

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Shaun King, the leader of Black Lives Matter, has called for the taking down of White Jesus.

Recall how ‘Black Lives Matter’ relates with ‘Society of Jesus’, both summing to 56.

Michael Brown = 201

George Perry Floyd = 201

The Adama Traore and George Floyd rituals, 201 weeks apart *Paris, France = 56

Black Lives Matter also syncs with ‘Roman Catholicism’, 173 and 259.

Research the 318 mentions of Jesus in the New Testament.

318 relates to the dimensions of the sun in the sky:

Don’t forget the Jesuit logo is the sun.

Keep in mind, this news is front and center on the date of the Rayshard Brooks funeral, in Atlanta, the home of Martin Luther King Jr., who died in a major Society of Jesus ritual, April 4, 1968, the 95th day of the year. And again, the Jesuits were formed to fight Martin Luther and the 95 Theses.

Altogether, this exposes how easily culture wars, that lead to bigger wars, can be started. Also, for those who say the Jesuits created Freemasonry, that theory is very likely.

Who is controlling the PILLARS of society?

The day before this, Jenna Ellis says she fears the ‘cancel Christianity’ trend.

193, 44th prime *Kill = 44

293, 62nd prime *Torah = 62 *Sacrifice = 62

113, 30th prime *Bible = 30 *Jesus ministry began at age 30


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