Shawn Bradley paralyzed in January 20, 2021 bicycle accident & news reported 56 days later, March 17, 2021

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They saved the news for the 76th day of the year, relating to the 7’6″ man.

This happened January 20, 2021, but the news broke on March 17, 56 days later.

The Jesuit Order = 201
Society of Jesus = 56

Keep in mind the date of the news, March 17, can be written 3/17, like 317, the 66th prime number.

Shawn Bradley has a March 22 birthday, written 3/22, like 322, or 22/3, like 223, the 48th prime number. And notice this happened while he is 48 years old.

Keep in mind 322 is the number of ‘Skull and Bones’, and this news was saved for the 76th day of the year, about the 7’6″ tall man, who was drafted by the 76ers.

The article did not mention that he played for the Nets as well. His connection to the Nets reminds that the 56th NBA season featured an NBA Finals, Lakers over Nets.

*And for the record, I once witnessed Shawn Bradley make fun of my overweight friend, Nick Gilmore, who wasn’t even old enough to drive at the time. As they say, karma’s a bitch.


  1. David G. Olsen on March 18, 2021 at 12:52 pm

    We’re coming upon the 500th anniversary of Ignatius of Loyola being injured by a cannonball in the Battle of Pamplona. (5-20-1521) Shawn Bradley’s injury syncs with that like TigerWoods/Ashley Judd as well as the Michigan player Isaiah Livers. Ignatius Loyola was 29 years 209 days old the day his leg was hit by a cannonball. He became the first Superior General of the Jesuit order 4-19-1541 (the 109th day of the year)
    109 is the 29th prime. Ashley Judd =109
    Tiger had a car accident in 2009 in the midst of his emerging sex scandal.
    From Shawn Bradley’s 1-20-2021 injury to the 500th Anni of Loyola’s injury is 120 days
    Shawn Paul Bradley =88
    From Tiger’s first injury(11-27-2009) to his 2-23-2021 injury was 11yrs 88 days.
    Ignatius Loyola=1188 r. Sum.
    Green Jacket=1188 r.sum.
    Shawn Bradley is from Castle Dale, Utah and is described as a German American and has the 3/22 birthday. Castle Dale=188
    Bavarian Illuminati=188
    Weishaupt died on 11-18-1830 (the 322nd day)
    Superior General=183
    Mormon Church founded in 1830.

  2. David G. Olsen on March 18, 2021 at 4:34 pm

    Shawn Bradley’s listed height was 7’6″ or 2.29m.
    229 is the 50th prime which syncs with the 500th Anni of Loyola’s injury.
    Isaiah Livers was injured 3-12-2021. From his injury to the Anni of Ignatius Loyola’s injury is 69 days. From 5-20-2021 to Livers’ birthday (7-28-2021) is 69 days.
    The Jesuit Order =69
    Loyola’s bday is given as 10-23-1491, a day leaving 69 days in the year.
    Father General (the way the Superior General is addressef)= 120 66 231 (the 21st T#) 69
    Arturo Sosa =69
    See how that relates to the Bradley story?
    Ignatius Loyola has the same initials as Isaiah Livers. I.L.= 21 73(FB)
    Isaiah=29 like Ignatius Loyola was 29 when he was injured.

  3. wrb on March 18, 2021 at 11:24 pm

    Bradley is nicknamed “The Stormin’ Mormon” = 229(EO)
    March 22nd 2021 will be Bradley’s 49th birthday Revelation = 49 Super Bowl = 49
    March 22nd 2021 will also be the 3 year and 33rd day …333, of the Age of Aquarius
    For Lakers v 76ers game on the 25th March, Bradley will be exactly 17,900 days old …179 the 41st prime
    King, Kobe, etc = 41
    For the start of the finals on July 8th Bradley will be exactly 18,005 days old
    Donald John Trump = 185(EO) Sabbath of the Red Heifer = 185(EO)
    and for SBLVI Bradley will be a span of 49 years 322 days

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