Sheldon Adelson, Donald Trump financier, dead at 87, January 12, 2021 news

Celebrity Jewish Related Murder by Numbers Zionism

This man was one of the main financiers of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, and now he is dead as Trump’s term ends…

And notice the news comes January 12, or 1/12 (like 112), in light of him being a proud zionist.

Don’t forget the Jesuits operate in 112 countries, and ‘Donald’ is a Jesuit pawn.

*Sheldon Adelson = 57 *Jews = 57 *Sands = 57

He was known for creating the ‘Sands’ in Las Vegas, tying in with the riddle of his death being reported on the 12th.

Also, his death on January 11th came 211 days after Trump’s birthday, or ‘The Apprentice’s.

211, 47th prime *President = 47 *White House = 47 *Trump = 47

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