Shelly Dizdar dies 17 days after her husband, Russ Dizdar, November 4, 2021, reportedly from Covid-19

Coronavirus News

Recall, Russ Dizdar died October 18, 2021, the anniversary of Event 201.

Now, 17 days later, his wife has passed, also reportedly from Covid-19, November 4, 2021.

They are being labeled as “anti-vaxx” and her death comes on the day leaving 57 days in the year.
Vaccine = 57

She has passed the same day as Mak Parhar (Flat Earth Focker), who is also being labeled “anti-vaxx.”

She has also passed at age 67.
Satanic = 67
-Human Sacrifice = 67
-Blood Sacrifice = 67

Her husband wrote a book about the ‘satanic’ cabal.

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