Celebrity Murder by Numbers Sports

Keith Hufnagel, the founder of HUF, is dead at 46, the ‘sacrifice’ number.

*Hufnagel = 34 / 38 / 74 / 142 *Brain Cancer = 74

He died exactly 35 weeks after his birthday if reports are true that he passed on September 22.

*Catholic = 35 / 46

His company began in San Francisco, the very Jesuit / Catholic city.

This news comes the day after his passing, September 25, the day leaving 97 days in the year. *97, 25th prime *Death = 25 / 97


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  1. CJ Cheifer on September 25, 2020 at 3:05 pm

    I remember her, her name was Exodus. That was very sad and made parents very fearful of treadmills. I worry about the kids of famous people, especially if they give them unique names that spotlight them. Gweneth Paltrow, “Apple,” Elon Musk, “X Æ A-12.” I hope those children are secure in themselves.

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