Snoop Dogg’s daugther Cori Broadus suffers severe stroke, Thursday, January 18, 2024, 30 weeks after her 24th birthday

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Snoop Dogg, the famous LA rapper, sees his daughter suffer a stroke on January 18, or 1/18. As you might know, LA has the triple connection to the number 118.
Los Angeles, California=118
LA is on the 118th Meridian West
LA’s September 4 establishment leaves 118 days in the year

This happened exactly 30 weeks after his daughter’s 24th birthday. And 30 has a long “black” history…

Recall, the first vaccinated person in the US for Covid-19 was a black woman, Sandra Lindsay.

Keep in mind Snoop’s daughter is 24, the reflection of 42. You’ll recall Jackie, #42, lost his son at age 24.

And notice the emphasis on ‘severe stroke.’ It overlaps with ‘Jesuit Order,’ which matters, because it was the Jesuits who simulated the coronavirus pandemic before it happened.

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