Soho Karen caught on camera falsely accusing black 14 year old of stealing her cell phone, December 30, 2020 news

News Racism
*Soho Karen = 43/47/106/137 *George Floyd = 43 *Racist = 47 *Black = 106 *137, 33rd prime

Notice, this racially divisive story began Wednesday, December 30, the lone date with the 42 numerology.

12/30 = 12+30 = 42

What else is new?

And this comes on the back of the Adrian Hill cell phone related story.


  1. skeptic on January 1, 2021 at 3:01 pm

    Isn’t the timing of this “event” a bit specious? Just in time to influence the all-important Georgia Senate run-off. Watch the NY media closely on this one; should be interesting.

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