Sound Mixer for Nomadland commits suicide after Nomadland wins best picture at 78th Golden Globe Awards, March 7, 2021 news

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The ‘sound mixer’ for Nomadland has reportedly committed suicide due to ‘depression’.

Last Sunday, a week before this news, the film ‘Nomadland’ won best picture, at the 78th Golden Globe Awards.

The Jesuits are the Society of Jesus.

And they’re saying ‘coronavirus’ may be to blame.

And notice how ‘Wuhan Coronavirus’ equates to 78 as well.

This news comes on a Sunday.

Notice the father’s name equates to 172, like ‘Ad maiorem Dei gloriam’.

Good Omens = 37 (News comes on March 7, or 3/7)

And the son dying at 35 fits in with the whole ‘Catholic’ / Jesuit theme.

This news comes March 7, or 7/3, like 73.

Sacrifice = 73 *Ritual Sacrifice = 73

Keep in mind there are 73 books in the Catholic Bible.

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