Squaw Valley Ski Resort Renaming: The Sacred Feminine Code Re-affirmed

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This news story confirms my assertion of specific code numbers that govern names and events relating to females.

The primarily aspect of the female code is Venus; the planet and goddess.

This casualty in the renaming, rebranding and statue-removal phenomenon is the Squaw Valley Ski Resort in California. The term at issue is the word “squaw” a derogatory term for a Native American female.

Urbandictionary.com defines the term “squaw” as follows:

When you compare the gematria values of “squaw” with those of “Venus” you get a perfect alignment across all four base ciphers. The code is re-confirmed.

Urbandictionary.com likens the term “squaw” to the term “Jewess” referring to a Jewish female. Urbandictionary.com should learn gematria: they would make a lot of word-association discoveries. “Jewess” also has multiple overlap with “Venus.”

The Squaw Valley Ski resort sits on land taken from the Washoe nation. Washoe women have lead the campaign to have the name changed.

Washoe women

As I have mentioned in multiple previous articles on the sacred feminine cade: “VENUS” in Hebrew is “NOGA.” which sums to 71.

The name of the community of the women forcing a name-change matches the 71 of “Noga” and “Sacred feminine.”

The resort’s name change is set for some time in 2021. Expect that date to align with Venus in some way.

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