Stacy Wakefield, dead 150 days after her husband Tim Wakefield, February 28, 2024 news

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Read about Tim Wakefield’s October 1, 2023 death here.

This news breaks on 54 date numerology as baseball season is getting underway.

54 outs in a complete game.
18 half innings in a complete game.
162 games in a complete MLB season.

And notice another familiar overlap.

Her death comes 150 days after his.

And again, he died at age 57, 57 weeks from Game 7 of the World Series, November 2, 2024.

This will be the year of the 120th World Series. *Illuminati=120 & 150

It goes with Boston’s well known field. *Fenway Park=120

And in her case, she is dead 248 days before Game 7. *Human Sacrifice=248

Finally, notice they reported she died at 4:19 PM. The number 419 is the 81st prime.


Evan, the Dallas local, added this research on Tim Wakefield’s death and the Rangers winning the 119th World Series shortly after his passing.

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