Steph Curry sets all-time NBA 3-point record, December 14, 2021, in massive 201 ritual, passing Ray Allen, born on 201st day of the year

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Steph Curry became #1 in all-time 3-pointers made in New York City, doing it against the team that he wanted to be drafted by, on December 14, 2021, a date associated with “shots,” from Sandy Hook to coronavirus. And funny enough, this news comes at a time where the same Jesuit cabal that controls the NBA, and also controls the government and media, is telling people to get “three shots” for Covid-19, where the harshest of mandates is in New York… Plus, Curry passed Ray Allen who played in Connecticut for UConn, and Sandy Hook is in Connecticut.

Anyhow, notice this record comes 172-days after Steph Curry’s father’s 57th birthday.
Vaccine = 57
-Ad maiorem Dei gloriam = 172
-Stephen Curry = 172

Recall that the league’s biggest star is Michael Jordan, born 17/2
-Recall that Dell Curry’s faced Jordan in his 73rd game, in their 72 win season
-Steph Curry born on the 73rd day of the year
-Curry set the win record mark with 73-wins, passing Jordan

And adding to the Jesuit ritual, there were 201 points scored in the game where Curry set the mark.
The Jesuit Order = 201
Ignatius of Loyola = 201

And Ray Allen has a July 20 birthday, the 201st day of the year.

Jesus Shuttlesworth… the moon landing on the 201st day of the year (space shuttle).

Keep in mind He Got Game released on May 1, the anniversary of the Illuminati establishment.

There were 201 points scored in the game, and the Warriors won with 105, improving to 9-3 on the road, in New York, “258” land.

Adam Weishaupt died 201 days after anniversary of Illuminati’s establishment
-Founder of Illuminati
Number of the Beast = 258
-Basketball Game = 666
-New York = 666
Bible = 105
The Holy Bible = 201

That film released 1229 days before 9/11, and 1229 is the 201st prime.

Curry exited the game with 2,977 3-pointers and they say 2,977 people died on 9/11.
Manhattan = 29
World Trade Center = 77

Recall, Steph Curry’s last contract was for $201-million.

Ray Allen passed Reggie Miller on February 10, 2011, or 10/2 (102, reflection of 201).

That was 3,960-days before Curry passed Allen (3,6,9… all divisible by 3)

Keep in mind December 14 syncs with the Jesuits as well.
December Fourteenth = 187
Twelve Fourteen = 187
Society of Jesus = 187

Also, Curry once had his breakout game against the Knicks, scoring 54.
Jesuit Order = 54

Keep in mind He Got Game was directed by Spike Lee, who was at the game, and is a Knicks fan. Go figure the Knicks lost with 96, 96 days before Spike Lee’s birthday.

Spike Lee was born ‘Shelton’ Lee.
Shelton = 96

Keep in mind Ray Allen was drafted in ’96, and the top pick that year was Allen Iverson, who went to Jesuit Georgetown.

And for one more, 152 is a hot number right now, in the time of the 152nd college football season, and the Joe Biden presidency…
Joe Biden = 152
Stephen Curry = 152

Notice in this record setting game, Curry had a 3-pointer for the 152nd straight game.

His streak of 157 ended in the Staples Center.
Staples Center = 157
Kobe Bryant = 157

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