Steve Bannon ordered by Judge Carl Nichols to report to prison by July 1, 2024 (on June 6)

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Recall this 201 ritual with Steve Bannon (Georgetown alumni).

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Today is 192 days after Steve Bannon’s birthday, and Skull and Bones turns 192 this year.

Notice how the name ‘Judge Carl Nichols’ equates to 71, like how he reported he needs to be in prison by July 1, or 7/1, like 71.

Judge Carl Nichols=271 (58th prime) (Trump & 58) *Steve Bannon=58

Steve Bannon will turn 71 years old later this year.

This is the news on June 6, or 6/6.

Bannon=60 & 24 (2024, year of 60th US Presidential Election)

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