Super Bowl 51, 201 days before the flooding of Hurricane Harvey

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Recall, Harvey flooded Houston in 2017, six months after the Super Bowl was played on 2/5, to conclude the 97th NFL season, where the Patriots had a 25 point comeback vs. the Falcons.
Falcons=25 *Flood=52 *97, 25th prime

The date can also be written 5/2. *Flood=52 *Earth=52 *Hurricane=52

Harvey flooded Texas two days after making landfall, flooding August 27, the 239th day of the year.
239, the 52nd prime number

August 27, 2017 also had 52 date numerology. *8+27+17+52

As for the day Harvey made landfall on Texas, August 25, it was 201 days after the Super Bowl, going with the long history of ‘weather control’ (Weather Control=201) (The Jesuit Order=201).

Keep in mind the Astros would win the World Series later that year, in their 56th season.
Hurricane=56 *Society of Jesus=56 *Climate Change=56

You’ll recall the Super Bowl the Patriots won was #51, and that Super Bowl was played in Houston, before the Astros won their first World Series (Houston Astros=51).

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