Supreme Court hears Mississippi case challenging Roe v. Wade, December 1, 2021

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The Supreme Court is seeing Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization for the latest 201.
The Jesuit Order = 201
-What the SC is

Keep in mind the date can be written 1/12, like 112, and the Jesuits operate in 112 countries.
Catholicism = 112
Mathematics = 112

The last time abortion was in the news, it was September 1, the day leaving 121 days in the year, and now here we are on December 1, or 12/1, like 121. Recall, on September 1, it was Texas 666 new laws, including the 6 week abortion ban. Of course, ‘Revelation’ equates to 121 and Revelation is where the number 666 is taught about.

Keep in mind, September 1 also leaves a span of 122 days until the end of the year.
Abortion = 122

Clarence Thomas is 73 years old right now, and the Roe v. Wade decision was January 22, 1973.
Abortion = 122 (1/22 decision)

Today is exactly 23-weeks after his birthday. The word ‘end’ equates to 23.

With regards to this case coming out of Mississippi, it equates to 77.
Mississippi = 77
United States = 77
D.C. on 77th Meridian West

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