Tanya Roberts, Bond Girl and That 70s Show actress, dead at 65, after sudden collapse, January 3, 2021 news

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This former Bond Girl is dead on her 81st day of her age.

And notice that she was in 81 episodes of ‘That 70s Shows’ and played the character Midge Pinciotti, equating to 81, forwards and backwards.

She also died on a date with 45 numerology.

1/3/2021 = 1+3+20+21 = 45


In light of starring in That 70’s Show, she collapsed precisely 70 days after her birthday. So if they end up saying she died from ‘coronavirus’, we know what really happened. Furthermore, she played Stacey Sutton in the Bond film, A View to a Kill, a character name equating to 70.


  1. alpha on January 4, 2021 at 9:16 am

    The reports mentions her work on “A View To Kill”

    So, if put the words “A View To Kill”, “Tanya Robert”(Without the letter ‘s’ at the end).

    Also, if you add “Julie Rogers”(A character played by her on a 70’s TV Show, mentioned in Wikipedia).
    Julie Rogers Match A View To Kill/Tanya Robert on three base ciphers!

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