Taylor Swift gives big nod to Travis Kelce in Paris, Sunday, May 12, 2024

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Recall that the Taylor Swift album was released on April 19, “Ignatius of Loyola Day,” and then on her last day in his hometown, Paris, France, where he created the Jesuit Order.

And then in the show, on the 133rd day of the year, she gave a big nod to the football star Travis Kelce. In Gematria terms: *Football=133 *Government=133 *Election=133

The NFL was founded on the 133rd birthday of the US Consitution, and that date is September 17, the same day Patrick Mahomes was born.

In the case of Taylor Swift, her birth numerology is 133. *12/13/1989=12+13+19+89=133

And from the Chiefs opener on September 5 to her tour’s end is 13 weeks and 3-days.

Keep in mind today is 24 days after the album came out, and Missouri is the 24th state, and they just got their 24th playoff win in the Super Bowl, on the 42nd day of the year, becoming 4-2 all-time in the big game (the Super Bowl).

Also, her tour will end deep into next football season, December 8, 2024

The season begins on September 5, or 9/5, like 95.
Kansas City can become 9-5 vs. Baltimore all-time in that game (Baltimore=95).
The December 18 game is a span of 95 days from the opener on September 5.

December 8, 2024 is a Sunday, 29 weeks and 6 days from today, or 209 days later. It’s kind of like how the Super Bowl falls on February 9, or 2/9, in 2025. *Football=29

And keep in mind that will be 33 days after the election.

Last, regarding the 152 shows, there was a buzz about a Taylor Swift & Joe Biden conspiracy.
Joe Biden=152 (First President’s Day for Joe on 15/2)

This tribute on May 12, to Travis Kelce, who plays for the Chiefs, like Joe Biden is the Commander and Chief, came on the 152nd day of her age.

Kansas City Chiefs=64 *KC Chiefs=152
Female President=152 *Kamala Devi Harris=152 *Wonder Woman=152

The Wonder Woman thing goes with how the media tries to make Taylor Swift out to be. She had to travel all the way around the world to do a show and be at the Super Bowl!

And as for the 64, the Chiefs just won the Super Bowl in their 64th season, after Norma Hunt’s death on June 4, 2023, or 6/4, three months before the season began. Keep in mind that was the anniversary of the 49ers establishment, and the Chiefs beat the 49ers in the Super Bowl for the second time, in the second tribute to Joe Montana’s Chiefs jersey.

And about the 44, the December 8, 2024 end date to her tour has 64 & 44 numerology.

Keep in mind this tribute from Taylor Swift to Travis Kelce comes at the same time the NFL is releasing its NFL schedule, with her boyfriend’s team opening.

He fits the 44 pattern as well. *Travis Kelce=44

He better hope Taylor isn’t one of those black widow types…

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