Terry Nichols, Timothy McVeigh’s accomplice on April 19, 1995 in Oklahoma City Bombing

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Terry Lynn Nichols = 201 / 231
Ignatius of Loyola = 201 / 231
Timothy McVeigh = 201
-Senteced to death on day leaving 201-days in year

Again, the OKC bombing of April 19, 1995, was the day in history Ignatius of Loyola became the first Superior General of the Jesuit Order.

As for the bombing being 68-days from the Oklahoma Governor’s birthday and the significance of the number 68, ‘Terry Nichols’ alone equates to 68.

He will turn 68-years-old on April 1, 2023.
CIA = 68
-Established 201-days after the Pope’s birthday

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