Texas House Committee releases 77-page Uvalde shooting report stating police had ‘lackadaisical approach,’ Sunday, July 17, 2022, 54-days after the shooting

Catholic Church Jesuit Mass Shooting News Police State

Notice the emphasis on “lackadaisical approach.” It’s an 83.
Murder = 83

As you know, the school is on Highway 83, and the song ‘Murder by Numbers’ was put out by the band The Police in ’83. And on top of that, there were many 83s coded into this killing ritual.

This comes 54-days after the May 24, 2022 shooting, on the 144th day of the year.
Jesuit Order = 54 / 144

It fits in with 21 dead, and this news coming on a Sunday.

Again, it is the day of the week, named after the sun.

And again, 19 cops stood down while 19 children were killed, where the 19th tarot card is the sun card…
Robb = 19

And recall the shooting was 201-days after Matthew McConaughey’s birthday, and now this report is released on Sunday, July 17, or 17/7, like 177.

Read about Elon Musk’s 201 ritual from the same day here.

And read about Robb Elementary’s Together We Rise motto here, and Miah Cerrillo here.


For more information on the people behind the committee, they are as follows:

Notice the shooting was 117-days before Dade Phelan’s 47th birthday.
Elementary School Shooting = 117 / 117
Central Intelligence Agency = 117
-CIA established in ’47
-Dade Phelan = 47
-Policeman = 47
-Government = 47
-Authority = 47
-News = 47
-Cop = 47

The committee was established June 3, 44-days before the report was released.
Shooting = 44
Officer = 44
Department = 44

The report comes 63 days after the 6/3 establishment for the committee.

ALSO, the report is 77 pages long.
Police Officer = 77
Police Department = 77
Secret Society = 77
United States = 77




  1. Aaravos on July 17, 2022 at 11:02 am

    Check this out. Ozzy Osbourne recorded Crazy Train the same day the Georgia Guidestones opened. 3/22/1980

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