The 116th World Series, yet again, is a ritual with George H.W. Bush

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As we proved last year with an accurate prediction of the 115th World Series, Nationals over Astros in Game 7, it was in tribute to the late George Herbert Walker Bush. With that said, this year, on September 1, 2020 we caught a tribute to George H.W., connecting the number 116, in the year of the 116th World Series. Well, look at this. From the date H.W. died, November 30, 2018, to the date the World Series begins in Arlington, where the Bush family used to run the rangers, is a span of 691 days, the 125th prime number.

Notice how ‘George Herbert Walker Bush’ sums to 125. *Numerology = 125

Recall, what we caught earlier, with the Rangers upsetting the Astros, in de ja vu of last season, synced up with death of H.W. It happened September 1, 2020, 461 days after the death of H.W., the 116th prime, in the year of the 116th World Series.

From the September 1 game to the start of the World Series, October 20, 2020, is a span of 50 days. *Bush = 50

Keep in mind the Rangers are eliminated, but the Astros just advanced over Minneapolis, Minnesota, winning the best of three 2-0, September 30, 2020, in the GEORGE Floyd tribute, who was killed in Minneapolis, and who was from Houston… like the Astros.

George = 57 *World Series = 57

As for the start of the Twins and Astros series on 9/29, that was 127 days after the supposed killing of Floyd,

127, 31st prime *Houston = 31

Houston became 31-31 for the year by winning the Twins series 2-0.

They became 31-31 for the year by winning the second game 3 to 1…

ESPN does not update overall records in the postseason
Astros were 29-31 in regular season (they are 2-0 in playoffs)



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