The 68 overload in the Buffalo shooting | Ruth Whitfield, Sandra & Dave Komoroff & the March 8, 2022 casing of Tops

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Exhibit A: An 86-year-old mother married for 68-years?

Ruth Whitfield = 163 (38th prime)

Exhibit B: The 68-year-old family members, Sandra & Dave Komoroff.

Exhibit C: He cased the building on March 8, 2022, a span of 68-days from the May 14, 2022 shooting.


As we know, 68 is the number of the ‘CIA’ and part of the ‘terror’ code.

The shooting happened 6,903-days after the shooter’s birthday (June 20, 2003).
6,903, the 117th triangular number
Central Intelligence = 117
Buffalo Bills = 117

The shooting came 117-days before the Buffalo Bills season opener, who will pay tribute to the shooting.

Think of the “long road” of terrorism and 68, especially going back to the year 1968… the year coronavirus was coined, the thing that supposedly led to the radicalization of Payton Gendron. That was also the year Timothy McVeigh was born, who is from the Buffalo area. And notice Benjamin Crump compared this shooting to the Oklahoma City bombing, which was a MASSIVE 68 ritual.

And don’t forget Columbine happened in the suburb of Denver, where the Federal trial was for McVeigh.
Denver = 68
Terror = 68

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