The CHAZ, Seattle’s ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’, a very well named psychological operations (and now the CHOP)

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CHAZ is the abbreviated name for the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, in Seattle, Washington. What a well named psyop.

*Coronavirus = 70 *Pandemic = 38

I can’t wait until they bring the coronavirus details into this story, and how the avoiding of social distancing created a nightmarish fall and winter for the city of Seattle, and elsewhere. Don’t forget, the police stepped down on June 8, or 6/8, and coronavirus was coined in ’68, plus ‘Seattle, Washington’ sums to 68 with Pythagorean Gematria.

Notice the word ‘anarchy’ sums to 119, same as ‘George Floyd’ and ‘Civil War’. We’ve covered the ongoing Civil War rituals relating to the Seattle protest in recent days.

By the way, the new name for the CHAZ, is the CHOP, or the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

Notice, the new name sums to 144, reminding that the area’s creation began June 8, a date with 54 numerology. 6+8+20+20 = 54

John Carroll established the Jesuit university, Georgetown, when he was 54.

It’s all about time.

TIME = 144

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