The Chi Lites December 18, 2021 concert, 62-years after their establishment in ’59

Celebrity Entertainment Predictive Programming

The Chi Lites have a concert this year, December 18th, a date associated with death, and in this case, 2021 will mark 62 years since they were formed in ’59, the year Motown was established, in nearby Detroit. Obviously, the Chi-Lites are from Chicago.
Sacrifice = 62
Faustian Bargain = 62

It was a tough year for R. Kelly in Chicago.

“Why oh why?” – Chi Lites (Have You Seen Her)

December Eighteenth = 93
Saturn = 93

-December 18th is second day of Saturnalia
-It is a holiday associated with sacrifice
-Many tragic deaths on December 18 in history

It doesn’t mean the death will be that day, but it probably won’t be that long after.

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