The Coronavirus Synchronicity of Tom Hanks in “The Terminal”, and the Death of Manu Dibango

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African jazz legend Emmanuel “Manu” Dibango is reported to have died from Coronavirus on March 24th, 2020.

Tom Hanks is the highest-profile celebrity associated Coronavirus, purportedly having contracted it, and providing Coronavirus predictive programming in some of his movies; movies like 2004’s The Terminal.

He plays a character named Viktor Navorski. Gematria reveals why that name was chosen.

Navorski’s passport is no longer valid. His country Krakozhia has experienced a military coup. He is barred from traveling and is on lock-down in New York City’s JFK Airport; similar to conditions New Yorkers are in in 2020.

In addition to Hanks’ character’s lockdown, the appearance of women who could be Chinese wearing protective respirators provides further Coronavirus predictive programming. Remember, this movie was released in 2004.

The most salient quote from the movie is from security officer Thurman (above, left):

“America is closed!”

Tom Hanks’ character’s main reason for visiting New York is to get the autograph of real-life jazz saxophonist Benny Golson; further synchronicity with Coronavirus victim and jazz saxophonist Emmanuel “Manu” Dibango.

Viktor Navorski is eventually able to visit New York City and watches and meets Benny Golson (who plays himself in the movie).

Does the above scene represent an angelic (deceased) Manu Dibango, victim of Corona virus being watched by Corona virus victim Tom Hanks?

Gematria reveals why Benny Golson was chosen for a Corona virus predictive programming movie:

More connections between Tom Hanks and Benny Golson:

Golson released an album titled Terminal 1 four days after Hanks’ The Terminal was released.

One of two movies that Tom Hanks received the Best Actor Academy Award for was PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia is definitely an element of an over-arching ritual.

Barry Shabaka Henley plays security officer JUDGE THURMAN.

Gematria reveals synchronicity with this character’s name, BENNY GOLSON and GEORGE ORWELL, a name associated with authoritarianism.

Benny Golson’s appearance in The Terminal may have been predictive programming for Manu Dibango’s death.