The death of Eazy-E and Str8 off tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton a span of 311-days from his death, January 30, 1996

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Notice Str8 off tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton released by Ruthless Records 243-days after Eazy-E’s March 26, 1995 death (per release date from years ago). As we know, that is the number of the CIA that pumped drugs, guns, and inspiration for crime into these same communities.
Central Intelligence Agency = 243

Don’t forget Ice Cube’s original hip-hop group was called CIA.

Update: Google years later has now changed the release date to January 30, 1996, which was a span of 311-days from his death. As you know, 201 is 311 in base-8 counting.

With regards to 201 being 311 in base-8 counting, recall that Eazy-E died 201-days after his birthday.
Ruthless Records = 201 (His record label)
Bandaid Boys = 201 (His first group’s name — now Bone)
Order of Illuminati = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201
Mount Westmore = 201 (The new hip-hop super group with Ice Cube)
Central Intelligence Agency: United States of America = 201
-CIA established 201-days after the Pope’s birthday
-Michael Rupert’s work on the CIA funneling drugs and guns and crime into black communities in LA…

And the last song on the Eazy-E album released after his death reminds me that 2024 will be 33-years after the Rodney King beating of March 3, 1991, or 3/3, like 33.
Race War = 33
Police = 33
Order = 33
Secrecy = 33
Masonry = 33

And remember, the George Floyd rioting started on 33rd St., after a massive 201 ritual.
George Perry Floyd = 201
Killed 201-weeks after Adama Traore
Adama Traore killed on 201st day of 2016 (July 19, 2016)
Lamar Ferguson = 201 (Story on back of George Floyd out of Minneapolis)
Michael Brown = 201 (In Ferguson…)

Keep in mind 201 goes back to the Bible.
The Holy Bible = 201
Knowing Good and Evil = 201
Knowledge Is Power = 201

And that Eazy-E album begins by reading Bible verses, but none of the verses are complete, so you constantly don’t hear the part about rescinding Satan and evil…

If you listen, you hear John 11:25-26.

And… Matthew 10:28.

And… Matthew 16:23.

And… Matthew 4:9, but not Matthew 4:10.

And the unfinished Lord’s Prayer, beginning with Matthew 6:9.

List to ‘First Power,’ the intro the album, here.
First Power = 149 (201 in 149 in base-12 counting)
-149, 35th prime
-Eternal E = 35 / 46
-Catholic = 35 / 46
-Holy See = 35 / 46
-Eye = 35 / 46
-46 second intro
-Eternal E closes it out

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