The death of James Dean, the film Giant, & the New York Giants 1956 NFL Championship

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James Dean died September 30, the day leaving 92 days left in the year.

The last movie he starred in was Giant.

That film was 201 minutes, and it released in ’56.

The Jesuit Order = 201 *Society of Jesus = 56

The New York Giants would win the NFL Championship Game in 1956, a span of 92 day from the anniversary of James Dean dying.

54 points were scored in the game.

James Dean = 54 *Jesuit Order = 54

Notice the budget of the film was $5.4 million.

It also reportedly made $39 million at the box office.

New York = 39 *G-Men = 39

From the New York premiere on October 10, 1956 to the game was a span of 82 days.

He died 457 days before the game was played.

*457, 88th prime number

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