The death of Joe Biden’s wife & daughter, December 18, 1972, while he was Senator-elect

Murder by Numbers Politics

As I watch senile Joe Biden stumble over his words on the debate stage, a man clearly dealing with the consequences of an older and older mind, I am reminded of how his 47+ year career in Washington D.C. began, with the death of his wife and daughter, 42-days from becoming Senator-elect in 1972, and on his 29th day of his age. 

Jesuit Order = 72 *This happened in ’72

Remember, Joe Biden was the 47th Vice President, and is now running for President in his 47th year of being a career politician.

Biden’s wife died on his 29th day of his age as well.

Route 7, or Route G?

You have to love the detail about Curtis C. Dunn, the 33-year-old responsible for the fatal wreck.

Don’t forget the 47 list.

Again, Joe Biden was the 47th Vice President, and he took his office with the 47-year-old President, Barack Obama.  These days, he goes after Trump, another 47.