The death of Lucious Jackson on the anniversary of the death of 76ers great, Wilt Chamberlain, October 12, 2022

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Notice he wore jersey number 54 (Jesuit Order = 54)

This 76ers related death comes right before the start of the 76th NBA season.

The last season was the 76th pro basketball season, but the 75th NBA season. This year will be the 77th pro basketball season, but the 76th NBA season.

And adding to the ritual in a big way, Lucious Jackson died October 12, 2022, the anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain passing. Wilt died 23 years ago, October 12, 1999.

Wilton Norman Chamberlain = 367 (73rd prime)
Chamberlain’s last year in the NBA was ’73

He played for his hometown Philadelphia 76ers, as well as the Warriors and Lakers.

And he finished his career in LA, and died on his 53rd day of his age.
*Los Angeles = 53
*Pennsylvania = 53

He died at age 80, on the day leaving 80 days in the year
Bavarian Illuminati = 80

He died on the ‘kill’ date for October.
10/12/2022 = 10+12+20+22 = 64
10/12/2022 = 10+12+22 = 44
10/12/2022 = 10+12+(2+0+2+2) = 28
Kill = 28 / 44 / 64

And the news broke on October 13, on Doc Rivers’s birthday. Of course, he is the current head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Notice Doc Rivers is from Chicago. They played and lost on TNF the night of the news, October 13, losing to the Washington Commanders. Of course, Jordan also played for Chicago and Washington, the new capital, whereas Philadelphia is the old. Anyhow, at one point in the game, Chicago lead 7-6.
Michael Jordan = 238 / 76 / 59
-The game was 238 days after his 59th birthday
-Remember, the Bulls were 23-8 @ home going into his 59th birthday
-And we didn’t even cover the 113 in Michael Jordan’s name…

Also, notice the 76ers were nice enough to tweet at 54 past the hour, about #54’s departure.
Jesuit Order = 54
Sun = 54

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