The deaths Lance Blanks, the 26th pick, & Nick Gilbert at age 26, May 6, 2023, the day LeBron James became 5-6 vs. Steph Curry at home in the Playoffs, on the day of King Charles coronation, winning the Lakers 26th game over the Warriors

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This was on the day of Kings Charles coronation, and those who fought for Kings Charles in the English Civil War, were Cavaliers.

26. That’s what chapter one of my first book is about, which talked about Jordan, Kobe, and the NBA. It was written in 2017, before Kobe died on the 26th day of the year, January 26, 2020. Notice, the Lakers picked up their 26th win vs. the Warriors the day of this Cleveland Cavaliers death.

Once again, Nick Gilbert, connected to the Cleveland Cavaliers, died at age 26, the same day the Lakers, now led by LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers star, won their 26th game vs. the Warriors in the Playoffs.
Game = 26
God = 26
*Nick = 26
*Adam = 26 (First man)
*Jordan = 26
*Bryant = 26 (Dead on 26th day of the year, 1/26) (Same with Bear Bryant)
-Man made in 26th verse of Bible, in Genesis 1:26
-26 letters in English alphabet
Letter = 26
Torah = 26 (187 chapters)

The media wants you to believe that Nick Gilbert just happened to die on May 6, or 5/6, like 56.

It makes it worse when you realize he died on the 110th day of his father’s age, on 5/6… like 56.

He had to sacrifice his son while he is 61, on 5/6.
Society of Jesus = 56
God = 61
Jesus = 61
Cross = 61
Church = 61
Christian = 61
Christmas = 61
-*Roman = 61

It goes with Lance Blanks, once the 26th pick of the draft, dying at age 56.

He also died 6 months and 1 day after his NBA debut anniversary, November 2.

He was born in ’66 *Charles = 66 *Lakers = 66 *LeBron = 66 *LeBron James = 66
*Number of the Beast = 66 & 174 *The news broke 174 days after the Superior General’s birthday
*Lance Blanks = 68 *Catholicism = 68 *Solar System = 68 *Mathematics = 68 *Basketball = 68

He also died 26 weeks after his NBA debut anniversary, November 2, or 11/2
Mathematics = 112 & 68
Catholicism = 112 & 68

Lance Blanks = 68

He played for Minnesota in last season, ’93
*Minneapolis, Minnesota = 93 (On 93rd Meridian West) *Saturn = 93
It is 30 years later (Saturn has a 30 year return)
*Lance = 35 *Catholic = 35 *Holy See = 35 *Eye = 35 *Death on 3/5
6 months & 1 day *Finals start 6/1 *Finals = 61 *The father of Nick is 61-years-old at the time of death

He even averaged 2.6 points for Minnesota, in his last season, which was 30 years ago.
*Saturn = 26 (Septenary)
-This happened on a Saturday, named after Saturn

And consider he began in Detroit, like Dan Gilbert.
-Where Motown was established in ’59
-Lakers with 59 points at halftime the day of the death
-Bronny James signs with USC same day
-Bronny James valued at $5.9 million the same day
-59, 17th prime *NBA = 14+2+1 = 17
-Lakers and Celtics tied at 17 NBA Finals wins (the leaders)
-LeBron won LA their 17th, in his 17th season
-LeBron signed with Lakers on 1/7 (First of July)
-LeBron came from Ohio, the 17th state

Notice the following:

William Shakespeare = 187, 110 & 79 (Society of Jesus = 56 / 79 / 187) *Ohio = 187 (Satanic Gematria)
Recall Trump’s big 187 ritual in Cleveland, Ohio, July 18, 2016, 187 days from Inauguration Day

The 110th day also seems to play on a sinister “biblical” joke.
Prophecy = 110

We will get to where Robert Cecil fits in, through the King James Bible.

Anyhow, that was the day that LeBron James improved to 5-6 @ home vs. Steph Curry in the Playoffs, on the day of the King of England’s coronation, when the last King of England died at age 56. It was also the day of the Kentucky Derby. Keep in mind the new King is Charles III, and in history, the son of King James, was King Charles, and those who fought for him in the English Civil War were called “Cavaliers,” thus why LeBron James won the Cavaliers their only NBA Finals on June 19, 2016, on the real King James I’s birthday, born June 19, 1566.
Coronation = 56
Royal Family = 56
Kentucky Derby = 56
Society of Jesus = 56 (Ignatius of Loyola died in 1556) (He is their founder)
King James Bible = 56
*Pope = 56
-King James I published the Protestant Bible
-Kings James II was Catholic (think about it)

And notice this historical thought about King James I and King James II (II is Bronny).

Robert Cecil died shortly after the publishing of the King James Bible, which took place May 2, 1611. Notice he died the next May, May 24, 1612.
May 24 is 144th day of the year *Jesuit Order = 144 *The United States of America = 144
May 24 in a leap year is the 145th day *Catholic = 145 (145 more chapters in Catholic OT)
-Catholic OT, 145 more chapters than Protestant OT (Which King James 1 published)

Notice where he fits in with November 5, the day leaving 56 days in the year. Of course, it’s the day Makaveli released (with Tupac on the cross), and the Travis Scott tragedy happened, in Houston, at Astroworld, after the Astros lost the World Series, and at the time Astro of UB 40 died. Making the connection with Tupac, Travis Scott’s stage was an upside down cross, a satanic symbol.

Todd Pletcher had posts 5 & 6 at the Kentucky Derby, at “Churchill” Downs in Louisville, KY.
-He had Tapit Trice in Post 5
-He had Kingsbarns in Post 6
Louisville, Kentucky = 75
Run for the Roses = 75 (Roses are symbols of secrecy)
Catholic Church = 75
New World Order = 75
Order = 75

And by the way, Lincoln blamed the U.S. Civil War on the Jesuits.

It goes with Lincoln dying at age 56, like Hitler, both men blamed for wars.

It also goes with the 5/6 coronation of King Charles and the last King of England dying at age 56.

It also goes with Gavin Newsom saying 56% of California would get coronavirus in 8 weeks, which is 56 days, at the beginning of the pandemic. And notice how the first Governor of the US to lockdown his state, a Jesuit, ‘Gavin Newsom’ overlaps with ‘coronavirus.’

Notice the 56s.

Remember, Captain Tom died 56 days after Maggie Keenan was vaccinated, the first vaccinated person in the world, just before William Shakespeare, as the news media first reported (William Shakespeare has a parallel to the King James Bible through Francis Bacon). They said Captain Tom died from coronavirus, also 201 days after being knighted (Going with Event 201). As for Captain Tom, he was known for the Burma Campaign, which George Orwell’s first book was about, and the first number he mentions in the book is 56.

This is part of a much longer pattern, including the 56% more infectious UK strain.

And keep in mind the pandemic was declared in 2020 (March 11), 56 years after Trump’s Jesuit education began at Fordham, in 1964. That was also in the time of the 56th Governor of New York, Adrew Cuomo, a Jesuit. And who can forget his brother on CNN?
Chris Cuomo = 56 (Who has Covid on LIVE TV!)

Again, Dan Gilbert is 61-years-old right now.
Jesus = 61 & 74
Cross = 61 & 74
Church = 61
Christian = 61
Christmas = 61
*God = 61 (Jewish Gematria)

D.C. is a land of Roman architecture. And recall September 23, 2015, when the 266th Pope spoke in DC, on the 266th day of the year. Of course, everything points back to the Pope, which the 52-week calendar is named after. Notice how Pope equates to 52 forwards, 56 with the alphabet counted backwards. Z is 1 back to A is 26.

Remember the powerful relationship with the trinity (Catholic), and ‘three.’
-Three Abrahamic religions
-Genesis 1:3 (Light)
-Three, the trinity
-The three parts of life, past, present future

King Charles the III. With the Catholic symbolism all over the crown.

The third… the three Abrahamic religions… Genesis 1:3, light.., knowledge…

The Abrahamic religions are based in the 187 chapters of the Torah.
Torah = 62 (187 chapters)
King Charles, 62nd English Monarch

LeBron and the Lakers were tied with Steph Curry and the Warriors, at 56-56, on 5-2, or May 2, the anniversary of the publishing of the King James Bible, May 2, 1611. The Lakers became 5-2 in the Playoffs that day, getting their 25th road win on a date that can also be written 2/5. Then, in the next game,

LeBron’s next NBA Finals is his 11th. He is 4-6 in the NBA Finals currently, like how he came into coronation day 4-6 vs. Steph Curry at home in the playoffs (the two were born in the same hospital in Akron), and how he became 4-6, just before #46 was elected, 46 weeks after the Pope’s birthday. It also reminds us that JFK was killed at 46, the only other Catholic US President. *Catholic = 46 (46 books in Catholic OT).

And again, he came in 4-6, he left 5-6, on 5/6, after scoring the 56th points of the game.

He died it with 42 seconds left on the clock, like the 42 generations to Jesus.

619, the 114th prime (King James birthday is 6/19)
Nate Thurmond, #42 for Warriors & Cavs
Charles = 66
Lakers = 66
LeBron = 66
King = 66 (Jewish Gematria)
Number of the Beast = 66
Taught about in 66th book of King James Bible
The beast rules for 42 months
LeBron scored 42nd points of May 6 game

He died that with 3:09 on the clock. *39 books in Protestant OT

Los Angeles is the City of Angels.
*Angel = 39

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