The disappearance and murder of CDC’s Timothy J. Cunningham was a clear Society of Jesus ritual, February 12-April 3, 2018

Catholic Church Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Science

Notice this man worked for the CDC, and disappeared at age 35.

As we know, the CDC is ‘Catholic’ controlled, and it’s 7/1 establishment date in ’46 makes it crystal clear.

With regards to the Catholic connection, notice Timothy disappeared on February 12, the 43rd day of the year, and was found on April 3, or 4/3, like 43.

The number 43 connects to Jesus Christ.

*Notice the post time for the article at the top, 43 minutes after the hour.

Killing = 43
RIP = 43
*Jesus = 34 (Date can be written 3/4 or 4/3)
*Church = 34

That’s why “science”, the kind as credible as what comes out of the CDC, says Jesus crucifixion was likely April 3, or 4/3, the 93rd day of the year.
God’s Son = 93
Crucifix = 93
Nazareth = 93
*Christianity = 930
*930th chapter of Bible is where NT begins

For another parallel, the story of Jesus is 89 chapters (the Gospel). And the name ‘Timothy J. Cunningham’ equates to 89.

Keep in mind February 12, the date he disappeared, can be written 12/2.
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 122

Pope Francis = 122

Notice how his name also connects with ‘The Society of Jesus’.

Again, that’s who runs the CDC.

For one last point, keep in mind this happened in ’18.

Harvard = 36 / 45
IHS = 36 / 45
*Harvard = 72
*Jesuit Order = 72

*Sun, 93 million miles away
*Triclavianism = 93 (Three nails in logo)

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