The disappearance of Nicola Bulley, January 27, 2023

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Nicola Bulley, the 45-year-old who disappeared on the 27th of January.

Keep in mind, 45-years to the day, the same thing happened to Roger Jones, on the same stretch of river that Nicola Bulley disappeared.

Notice where the overlap with ‘river’ is.

His names, Roger and Jones, have a lot to do with ‘river.’

She disappeared 74 days after King Charles’ 74th birthday.

She disappeared in the town of St Michael’s on Wyre, equating to 74.

Recall the Moscow and Cavaliers killing stories on Charles 74th birthday, November 14, 2022.
Moscow = 74

That also means Roger Jones disappeared after Charles’ 29th birthday.

The name ‘Nicola Bulley’ also fits with the ‘king’ theme.

It is the year ’23. King = 23

She also disappeared 41-days after the Pope’s birthday. King = 41

The police think she drowned in the water.

Nicola Bulley = 50 / 67 / 131 / 193 (44th prime)
Kill = 44 (her partner is 44)

And ‘Wyre’ also fits with the ‘royal’ theme. Remember how 71 Dianna’s death was.
1/27/2023 = 1+27+20+23 = 71

Also, the date goes with ‘disappearance.’ It can be written 27/1, like 271.
271, 58th prime

And as we have been documenting, it is the year of ‘223.’
St. Michael’s on Wyre = 74 / 88 / 203 / 223

*Funny enough, January 27, 1978 was 84 days before Queen Elizabeth’s birthday.

In light of the queen, notice the missing poster is on a ‘bridge.’ Recall Operation London Bridge was the name of the protocol for the death of Queen Elizabeth. And also recall that Lizz Truss became Prime Minister, the day before the Queen died, but she was only PM for 45-days. Of course, a truss is often part of the structure of a bridge.


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