The Great Conjunction of December 21, 2020, and Super Bowl 56 falling 419-days later

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From the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, December 21, 2020, to Super Bowl 56, is 419-days later, corresponding with ‘Cincinnati Bengals.’

419, 81st prime
Ritual = 81 / 81
Pittsburgh Steelers = 81
-Ben Roethlisberger just retired with 81 career home losses (regular season) for Steelers

The Bengals won on December 21, 2020, over the Steelers, 27-17.
-44 points
-SB 56 on 44th day of the year (Feb. 13, 2022)

The Bengals are the tiger striped team, and Jupiter is the tiger striped planet, and Super Bowl 56 is in the Year of the Tiger.


  1. Aaravos on February 6, 2022 at 8:18 am

    Hey bud. Cedric Benson dead 911 days before the Super Bowl. You pointed out how a motorcycle represents a Great Conjunction. He had a dr of audiology on his bike. Audiology = 741 Saturn = 741 Motorcycle = 741. 741 minutes is 12:21. Clock Tower = 1221. I filled Derek in and he made a post on it.

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