The Great Northern War’s start date, February 22, 1700

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The Great Northern War, which very much involved Russia, began February 22, 1700, and this February 22 will mark 322-years since its start, a war that lasted for over 20-years.
322, Skull and Bones

From the December 7, 2021 meeting between Putin and Biden to February 22, 2022 is a span of 78-days.
Order Out of Chaos = 222 / 78 / 75
-Russia = 75
-New World Order = 75
-Jesuit = 78

And don’t forget this stuff is truly a joke at the end of the day. Thus, why Ukraine’s president, was a comedian prior.


  1. TheGoToo on February 19, 2022 at 2:49 pm

    I think I heard somewhere that there is a thousand year history missing or that the “church” kept folks in the dark (illiterate) for centuries. Anyways, I think they’ve had enough time to write up phony history on multiple nations and create artwork and artifacts to go with it. Perhaps that’s what those catholic monks, priest were “peacefully” doing as they isolated. No one alive today really knows what happened back then with Russia or anywhere. That’s how I feel about American supposed history too.

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