The history of US Army Psychological Operations, January 23, 1918, November 18, 1998 & October 16, 2006

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Subterfuge = 56 (Deceit to Achieve One’s Goal)

Notice, the U.S. Army psychological operations officially began January 23, 1918, on Georgetown University’s 129th birthday. *Georgetown = 129

129 is 201 in base 8 counting
The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201
Military Personnel File = 201 File

In light of Georgetown being named after George Washington, the Freemason, how perfect it was that the man credited with the PSYOP start is Charles H. Mason.

Notice it would be 70-years later, November 18, 1998, that it would become a formal unit in the military. Keep in mind November 18 is the 322nd day of the year. And notice further, it was made an official branch of the military on October 16, 2006, the day leaving 76-days in the year, while George W. Bush, the Skull and Bones President, with the 7/6 birthday, was in office.
Skull and Bones = 76 / 149
Fort Bragg = 149

Also, October 16 is the 289th day of the year, a number with a square root of 17.
PSYOP = 17

Recall, it is second 33-1 of the US Army Field Manual that deals with Psychological Operations.

Read the Psychological Operations field manual here.

Fort Bragg fits in with the ‘Skull and Bones’ start date, November 18.

Think of the Skull and Bones and Georgetown tributes in Enemy of the State, a film that foreshadowed the biggest military psychological operation of all-time, September 11, 2001.
Psychological Operations = 119
September 11 (11/9)

For the record, Fort Bragg was established September 4, or 9/4, or 4/9, like 94 or 49.
Fort Bragg = 94 / 49

World Trade Center = 94
Twin Towers = 49
Washington = 49
America = 49

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