The Illuminati, the moon (illuminated) and the number 247

Climate Change / Environment Fire History Jesuit Secret Societies

The moon is on a 19 year cycle.
The moon is also on a 13 month cycle.
13 full cycles of the moon is 247 years.
The Illuminati is 247 years old right now (May 1, 1776).
So is the US (July 4, 1776).
And the Illuminati melted Maui on the 247th day of Governor Josh Green’s being in office.
And he was at the United Nations, talking Green New Deal, just before the fire, on 12/7 (July 12)
Bavarian Illuminati = 127
Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 127
Ground Zero = 127 (What Josh Green called Lahaina)
Pearl Harbor on 12/7 (December 7)
-Ground Zero in NY, where Buildings 1, 2 & 7 fell
-All the other 127s in Maui, such as Fire and Fury = 127

Think about it.

They’re a sun cult, and the sun is 24/7.

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