The Interview (movie) & the reported death of Kim Jong Un, April 25, 2020

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From the release of The Interview, a movie about assassinating Kim Jong Un, December 24, 2014, until his reported death, April 25, 2020, was a span of 1950-days.

This is funny because the Korean War began in 1950, which lead to North Korea becoming a CIA puppet state.

Notice ‘The Interview’ sums to 68, like CIA, like ‘Donald John Trump’, like ‘The Apprentice’.

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And for one last point, the reason America attacked Korea in 1950, is clear, when you know Gematria.

And for truly one last point, look at the April birthday boys…

Seth Rogen is 38, connecting to ‘death’.

He just turned 38. *Death = 38 *Murder = 38 *Killing = 38 *RIP = 38
Jew = 38;
Jewish = 88 (See the 88 ritual with Kim’s death)

And James Franco is 42, connecting to ‘Kim Jong Un’.

He just turned 42. *War = 42 *Wold War = 42 *Freemason = 42