The James Harden trade to the Nets on January 13, 2021 & the riddle with his reunification with Kevin Durant

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James Harden, #13, has been traded on the 13th day of the year, to the ‘Nets’, the “13 team.”

Brooklyn = 41 (13th prime)

This trade comes 1/13, like 113.

Keep in mind the Lakers beat the Nets 4-0 in the 56th season of the NBA, and the Lakers won Game 4 with 113 points.

Harden will now play again with Kevin Durant, and the last time they played together in the regular season was April 22, 2012, the 113th day of the leap year. That game was against the Lakers, and as we know, the 56th NBA season concluded with the Lakers vs Nets, and this year the Finals begin on July 8, 2021, a date with 56 numerology, while LeBron can become 5-6 in NBA Finals if he makes it and wins.

James Harden = 64 *Brooklyn Nets = 64

The score of that game was 106-114, and the Lakers got their 41st win of the season…

Keep in mind the Thunder would lose to LeBron and the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals to conclude that year, with the Heat winning 4-1, and the final score of Game 5 was Heat 121, Thunder 106… L.A. is 12.1…

Following the pattern, this trade comes 106 days after Durant’s birthday.

This trade also comes 140 days after Harden’s birthday.

And in light of the Lakers scoring 114 in that game… notice ESPN posted at 1:14, and we know that is the ‘LeBron James’ number.

For a bit more mockery, notice the following.

On January 13, 2021, the day of the trade, the Lakers beat the Thunder, dropping the Thunder to 5-6 for the season.

Also, the Nets beat the Knicks, and the Knicks came into the game 5-6.

Also, the day prior, January 12, the day Harden supposedly demanded the trade, the Lakers beat the Rockets.

As you know, 112 is a number that connects ‘Houston’, ‘Harden’ and ‘Brooklyn’.

The Jesuits operate in 112 countries…

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