The May 26, 2021 total lunar eclipse is part of Saros cycle 121 and is the 56th of 84

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The May 26, 2021 total lunar eclipse is part of the Saros cycle numbered 121.

Revelation = 121 (Square Root 11) *Moon = 11 (Hebrew)

It has 84 lunar eclipses within it ranging from the years 1029 to 2526, and this will be the 56th lunar eclipse of 84.

Society of Jesus = 56, Pope = 56 *Black Lives Matter = 56 (One year anniversary of George Floyd killing video)
Jesuit = 84, The Jesuit Order = 84, The Catholic Church = 84

Also, the 187 minutes and seconds is interesting.

Society of Jesus = 187, Total Eclipse = 187

May 26, 2021 is 195 days after Arturo Sosa’s 72nd birthday on November 12, 2020. *Judgement Day = 195
May 26, 2021 is 160 days after Pope Francis’ 84th birthday on December 17, 2020.
-Assassination = 160
-Active Shooter = 160 (Recall the 160 ritual with Matsuyama after the shootings of Asians in Georgia)
—Hideki Matsuyama = 160 (He won 160 days after the Georgia Governor’s birthday)
——-Atlanta is on the 84th Meridian West (56 of 84) (Georgia / George / Georgia in 2020)
-Martial Law = 160 (This occurred in smaller scales after the George Floyd killing which was May 26, 2020 news)

In other words, a likely news story is a terrible shooting (a huge theme right now), or outrage that leads to massive protests, rioting and destruction that leads to larger scale martial law than we saw a year ago.

And since this comes on the anniversary of George Floyd, don’t forget this connection either.

George = 57, Gemini = 57, Moon = 57

And don’t forget the Kentucky Derby, to start the month, was a HUGE moon ritual, with Bob Baffert winning, just as he did 19 years earlier.

Also, thanks to Bryson, I am aware that the World Economic Forum’s Cyber Polygon exercise of July 8, 2020 was exactly 322 days before May 26, 2021, something that simulated a “digital pandemic.”

Recall, the power went out all over on Valentine’s Day, March 22, 2021, 322 days after Klaus Schwab’s birthday, the leader and founder of the World Economic Forum.

And likely not by chance, May 26, 2021, is 57 days after Klaus Schwab’s birthday.


  1. DiscerningKing1 on May 4, 2021 at 3:02 pm

    Moon will be in Sagitarrius
    Sagitarrius.. 45, 81, 144, 153… Very Familiar numbers with Jesuits..

  2. Arya on May 4, 2021 at 5:00 pm

    The eclipse is 156 days after the great conjunction, the word for eclipse in Hebrew (ליקוי) is 156, Eclipses occur 1, 5, or 6 lunations apart, 911 is the 156th prime number, thirty three, six six six, the number of a man = 156, false flag = 156 (Jewish). Notice that the wikipedia article says that the first total lunar eclipse in this cycle was in 1560.

    That 156 days is 22 weeks and 2 days, eclipse = 222 (English Extended), The Great Conjunction = 222. From the eclipse to the beginning of the year of the tiger in February 2022 is 8 months 6 days, King = 86, 22, remember the “tiger king” theme from the beginning of the year. It will be 441 days after the coronavirus pandemic was declared, The Great Conjunction = 441 (Franc Baconis) = 21 x 21, it’s the year ’21, moon = 21, 210.

    As Derek has been pointing out, Revelation 6:12 in the KJV which talks about a blood moon and the sixth seal sums to 526 and 2210, like the date 5/26/2021. Incidentally, 526 = 263 x 2, 263 is the 56th prime.

    Another thing to look out for is that from 2001-9-11 to the eclipse on June 10th is a sum of exactly 237 months, the moon is an average of 237k miles away, recall the association with the moon and room 237 in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. There might be something to this, the Shining was released on the day leaving 222 days in the year, Kubrick died a span of 22 years 2 months and 20 days from the eclipse, the original run time of the Shining was 146 minutes, the eclipse is on the 146th day of the year.

    • Yaldabaothcode on May 5, 2021 at 12:47 pm

      Please text me on Instagram @prepareforchange or email me . You’re a genius I have to discuss many topics with you regarding prince philip , lil nas x , rebirth rituals , etc , Neptune(Poseidon) , and horses lol

  3. James Trauba on May 4, 2021 at 7:35 pm


    Jamie Dimon and other bank CEOs to testify in congress that day, potentially related to silver price rigging. Silver is ready to go up big

  4. Reijimaigo on May 5, 2021 at 7:06 am

    47 days after the Duke of Edinburgh death; eclipse sacrifice.

  5. wrb on May 5, 2021 at 6:12 pm

    Comet 323P/soho will be conjunct Mars on this very day!

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