The Miami Marlins ‘perfect’ riddle in the 2020 MLB postseason & the death of Don Shula

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This is the Marlins third time being in the postseason, and the last two times, they won the World Series, meaning they’re perfect. Keep in mind, this is the year of the 116th World Series, and Miami is remembered for their perfect season with the Dolphins, in ’72-’73.

Adding to the riddle, this is the Marlins 28th season, and the first three perfect numbers are 6, 28 and 496.

Don Shula coached the perfect Miami Dolphins team and died this year at age 90, on May 4, 2020, or 5/4. Keep in mind ‘baseball’ equates to 54, Miami just hosted Super Bowl 54, and the Marlins just advanced over the Cubs on October 2, the day leaving 90 days in the year. Furthermore, they advanced 151 days after Don Shula’s death, and they dropped the Cubs to 3-6 vs. Miami in the postseason.

151, 36th prime *Miami = 36 / 90

This is the Marlins third time being in the postseason.

Miami Marlins = 59 *Third = 59

Notice how ‘Donald Francis Shula’ equates to 73, like ‘perfect’.

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