The murder of Antonio Armstrong at age 42, July 29, 2016, before Super Bowl 51 in Houston, Texas

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Notice, this former NFL player from Houston died before Super Bowl 51, hosted by the Houston Texans, and he died on his 289th day of his age.

Furthermore, he died 191 days before the Super Bowl in Houston.

191, 43rd prime *Football = 43

And don’t overlook that he was the 201st pick of the NFL Draft.

And recall in the 2020 season, in Matt Ryan’s 201st game, a man who is Jesuit educated, he paid tribute to the collapse against the Houston Texans in Super Bowl 51, against the Dallas Cowboys. Keep in mind Dak Prescott was the Cowboys’ QB that game, and his birthday is July 29th, the date of the murders of Antonio and his wife, which was blamed on his son.

For more Jesuit fingerprints, check the date numerology of the killing.

7/29/2016 = 7+29+20+16 = 72

The murder trial began on April 2, or 4/2?

His father was 42 when he was killed.

As they say, “all roads lead to Rome.”

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