The NBA, Jordan, Kobe, Steph, & 126


Dell Curry played Jordan in the Bulls 73rd game of the season, the year the Bulls eclipsed the Lakers ’72 win record, going 72-10 for the year. Then 20 years later, Steph Curry, the son of Dell Curry, would set the win record at 73, going with Steph being born Pi Day, the 73rd day of the year (March 14, 1988), and Dell having faced Jordan in the Bulls 73rd game of the ’95-’96 season.

Also, Curry and the Warriors set the record the day of Kobe’s last game, and then Kobe died in the 73rd NBA anniversary season. It’s kind of like how the Warriors became 7-5 in NBA Finals in the 75th anniversary season, with the 75 on their court, beating Boston, just before Bill Russell’s death.
Kobe = 75

And remember, Kobe died on 1/26, and in this game back in ’96, the year he would be drafted into the NBA, the Bulls were scoring 126 in such a symbolic game.
Athlete = 26
Game = 26
Jordan = 26
Bryant = 26

Man made in Genesis 1:26.

Man made on the 6th day.

Jordan won 6 championships, Kobe came up one short.
Philadelphia = 65 (6 and 5 are the numbers)

And to bring it back to the Warriors, originally from Philadelphia.
Oakland = 126 (Jewish)

Keep in mind the Warriors began in Philadelphia, the first pro hoops champion, the city Kobe was born in, and the city Jordan played his last game against in the NBA — as a member of Washington, the team he set the win record against.

And remember, Kobe’s dad was drafted by the Golden State Warriors, 41 years before Kobe’s retirement, which came 4 year before his death at age 41.
Kobe Bryant = 41
Golden State = 41

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